Indoor LED Video Wall Replaces Traditional Projection

In the past, electronic teaching was mainly based on projection. The teaching courseware of pulling curtains, turning off lights and white words on a black background became the main means for teachers to deal with the poor light environment.

Nowadays, in the spacious and bright classroom, the traditional projector is replaced by indoor LED video wall, which makes teaching and learning easy and clear.

In recent years, indoor LED video wall technology has gradually entered the university campus and gradually become the standard configuration of ladder classroom and school auditorium. LED large screen provides an open and efficient display port for teaching, scientific research, sports and entertainment. It can not only promote the transparency of campus information, digitization of facilities, mobility of teaching students and cultural diversity, but also improve the efficiency and quality of teaching and enhance the core competitiveness of the school.

From projection to indoor LED video wall: the “advanced” way of teaching display in Colleges and Universities

In the teaching process, the application of “multimedia”, a modern “audio-visual education”, has a development history of at least 60 years. Among them, the multimedia teaching reform from CRT TV to CRT rear projection took 30 years; However, the real and comprehensive popularization of E-teaching system is only the last 10 years.

Therefore, industry experts pointed out that the progress of electronic teaching technology shows the trend of accelerated development and explosion, which is the “root of all problems” faced by the industry today – enterprises must fully follow up the coordinated progress of market demand and technology supply.

Today, digital projection technology has only stayed on the throne for less than five years, ushering in the occupation of LED display technology on the territory of teaching multimedia… LED display with small spacing, led conference all-in-one machine and other products are considered to be the future of “smart classroom” in Colleges and universities with its characteristics of “large screen, seamless connection, high definition, highlight, touch control and interaction”; Immersive teaching experience, intelligent teaching interaction and healthy learning environment have also become the new trend of the rational development of intelligent education in the new era.

Why indoor LED video wall?

The modern smart classroom should be a comprehensive upgrade of the teaching mode based on the thinking of the Internet of things. Taking the screen as the carrier and intelligence as the link will be a good way to open up both ends of “teaching” and “learning”.

Compared with traditional projection, DLP and LCD products, LED display has obvious advantages.

On the one hand, the display effect of LED display technology is much better than other display technologies.

On the other hand, its new era feature of “everything can be screened” can meet the full set of needs of more video teaching, distance teaching and AI information teaching. Especially with the rise and development of the Internet, educational resources can be distributed fairly through network transmission, which improves the utilization efficiency of high-quality educational resources and breaks the restrictions of space and time.

In addition, only by solving the popularization problem in the early stage can the E-teaching display equipment have more power, technical basis and cost basis to evolve into a “higher” application form. With artificial intelligence and big data technology moving onto the stage of educational application, image and speech recognition function has become the main form of teaching in the future, which not only increases the interest of teaching, but also further improves the efficiency and quality of teaching. At this time, the advantages of LED display technology are highlighted.

Nowadays, the technological progress in the three dimensions of “display, interaction and application” is becoming a new standard configuration of smart classroom and audio-visual industry. In this regard, the most critical display technology iteration has not stopped – for example, micro LED display technology has a breakthrough in display area and can be combined with nano silver touch, which may have new opportunities in future teaching applications; In addition, VR, XR and other virtual reality devices are also gradually entering the “smart classroom”, allowing students to learn better and teachers to teach more easily. This is the purpose of educational informatization and educational reform!

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