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Installation method of Pantallas LED

Pantallas LED screen appears in various occasions, such as playground, shopping mall, stage, indoor and outdoor. What are the requirements for the installation of LED display screen in so many occasions? What are the different installation methods? First of all, there are many installation methods of Pantallas LED screen. There are corresponding installation methods in different environments and different occasions.

How much do you know about the hardware of outdoor LED Screen

Outdoor LED display lamp beads and chip quality. When purchasing these devices, we should see clearly that the lamp bead products must have the characteristics of good stability, small dispersion, small attenuation range and strong pressure resistance. In addition, they have good light distribution effect and adapt to many external outdoor conditions

Indoor LED Video Wall Replaces Traditional Projection

In the past, electronic teaching was mainly based on projection. The teaching courseware of pulling curtains, turning off lights and white words on a black background became the main means for teachers to deal with the poor light environment. Nowadays, in the spacious and bright classroom, the traditional projector is replaced by indoor LED video wall
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Special-shaped Custom LED Screen

The full-color LED display screen is in a stage of rapid development and growth. At present, the LED display market shows great changes. In addition to the traditional display function, the requirements on the shape are further improved to better meet the overall structure and application requirements of the environment. Led special-shaped display screen is produced. The special-shaped custom LED screen is evolved from the traditional LED display screen
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What are the installation methods of full-color P3 indoor LED display?

When it comes to indoor LED display, P3 should be familiar to everyone. The sales volume of p3 led full-color screen is unparalleled among various indoor models. This is because the definition of p3 led screen is good. More than 110000 pixels per square meter can ensure its high resolution.
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Explain the parameters of SMD LED display in detail

There are many basic technical parameters of SMD LED display. Understanding the meaning can help you better understand the product. Let me show you the basic technical parameters of LED display. Pixel: the smallest luminous unit of LED display screen, which has the same meaning as the pixel in ordinary computer display.