Explain the parameters of SMD LED display in detail

There are many basic technical parameters of SMD LED display. Understanding the meaning can help you better understand the product. Let me show you the basic technical parameters of LED display.

Pixel: the smallest luminous unit of LED display screen, which has the same meaning as the pixel in ordinary computer display.

What is point spacing (pixel spacing)? The smaller the center distance between two adjacent pixels, the shorter the visual distance. People in the industry usually refer to P for point spacing.

1. Distance from the center of one pixel to the center of another pixel

2. The smaller the point spacing, the shorter the viewing distance, and the closer the audience can be to the display screen.

3. Point spacing = resolution corresponding to size / size 4 Lamp tube size < point spacing point spacing selection P = L / 1700, where: P is the point spacing, unit mm, l is the nearest viewing distance, unit mm, that is P1 6 LED display is suitable for viewing from 2.7m away

Pixel density: also known as dot matrix density, it usually refers to the number of pixels on the display screen per square meter.

What is the unit board specification? Refers to the size of the unit plate, which is usually expressed by the expression of unit plate length multiplied by width, in millimeters. (48 × 244) generally P1 0、P2. 0、P3. 0……

What is the resolution of a unit board? It refers to how many pixels a unit board has. It is usually expressed by multiplying the number of rows by the number of columns. (e.g. 64) × 32)

What is white balance and what is white balance regulation? By white balance, we mean the balance of white, that is, the balance of the brightness ratio of RGB three colors; The adjustment of brightness ratio and white coordinates of RGB three colors is called white balance adjustment.

What is contrast? The ratio of the maximum brightness of SMD LED display to the background brightness under a certain ambient illumination. The brightness and contrast of LED are higher than that of professional instrument, which represents the maximum brightness and contrast of the environment

What is color temperature? When the color emitted by the light source is the same as that radiated by the blackbody at a certain temperature, the temperature of the blackbody is called the color temperature of the light source. Unit: K (Kelvin) the color temperature of LED display screen is adjustable: generally 3000K ~ 9500k, and the factory standard is 6500k, which can be measured by professional instruments

What is chromatic aberration? The SMD LED display is composed of red, green and blue to produce various colors, but these three colors are made of different materials, the viewing angle is different, and the spectral distribution of different LEDs changes. These observable differences are called color differences. When observing the LED from a certain angle, its color changes. The ability of human eyes to judge the color of the real picture (such as movie picture) is better than that of observing the picture generated by the computer.

What is perspective? The viewing angle is when the brightness of the observation direction drops to 1 / 2 of the brightness of the normal of the LED display screen. The angle between two observation directions and the normal direction of the same plane. It is divided into horizontal and vertical viewing angles, also known as half power angle.

What is a perspective? The viewing angle is the angle between the direction of the image content on the display screen and the normal of the display screen. Viewing angle: when there is no obvious color difference on the SMD LED display, the viewing angle can be measured by professional instruments. What is a good viewing angle can only be judged by the naked eye? A good angle of view is the angle between the clear direction of the image content and the normal.

What is good sight distance? Is to be able to see all the contents on the screen without color change, the image content is clear, and the vertical distance from the screen.

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