Installation method of Pantallas LED

Pantallas LED screen appears in various occasions, such as playground, shopping mall, stage, indoor and outdoor. What are the requirements for the installation of LED display screen in so many occasions? What are the different installation methods?

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First of all, there are many installation methods of Pantallas LED screen. There are corresponding installation methods in different environments and different occasions. Generally, mosaic type is used in outdoor environment. This method is to take out the space of corresponding size on the wall. For the display screen with large volume, it is necessary to reserve maintenance space. The display screen with small area will be aligned with the wall without leaving space. It can be removed directly during maintenance.

Secondly, there is a more common hoisting installation, which is mostly used in exhibition halls and commercial occasions. The screen is light and thin, and there are multiple unit frames. During installation, it is necessary to determine the wall with sufficient load-bearing and pay attention to the positive and negative of the frame; There is also a rotating support installation method, which is applicable to the display screen with too large volume and large area. It needs to be installed on the load-bearing wall. Because of the great maintenance difficulties, this kind of problem is usually solved by rotating the support.

Finally, there are floor type installation methods and swing arm installation methods. When selecting the LED installation method, it needs to be based on the actual situation and operated by a professional and regular installation company, so as to ensure the use effect and facilitate future maintenance.

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