E-sports, Another 100 Billion Market in Digital LED Wall Industry

In the just concluded LOL S11 global finals, China’s EDG team defeated South Korea’s DK team 3-2 to win the world championship. The news quickly exploded the circle of friends, and its influence was enough to radiate the world. Obviously, as one of the competitive events, E-sports has attracted considerable attention. It is reported that at the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, E-sports will become an official event, and the IOC has begun to include E-sports in the Olympic events.

This means that the e-sports industry, once regarded as “game entertainment”, “playing things and losing ambition” and “not doing business”, has officially entered the category of sports events, and the opening of this 100 billion market has also brought huge market and new opportunities to the Digital LED Wall industry.

But when it comes to e-sports, people usually only think of desktop E-sports display, but rarely hook it with Digital LED Wall. As an event with a large number of fans, large-scale E-sports competitions are usually carried out in large venues with thousands or tens of thousands of spectators, and live broadcast at the same time. Take the S11 global finals for example, nearly 200 million viewers watched the game live and online.

In venues with tens of thousands of people, the use of Digital LED Wall can effectively reduce the configuration quantity and cost of display equipment. Moreover, for such antagonistic sports, the immersive sensory experience and visual impact viewed on the large screen are not comparable to those on the small screen, and have higher requirements for the display effect of Digital LED Wall products.

In fact, China issued the e-sports venue construction standard in 2017, which divides the e-sports venues into four levels: A, B, C and D. It is clearly proposed that E-sports venues above level C must be equipped with LED display screens. “At least one main screen should be set on the viewing screen, and multiple auxiliary screens should be set to ensure that spectators from all angles can watch comfortably under normal conditions”.

The introduction of relevant policies has underpinned the application of LED display in e-sports industry. Therefore, the LED display screen must have high standards in terms of refresh rate, contrast, color restoration, stability and other indicators. In order to ensure that the picture display is always accurate and smooth, it can move quickly without dragging and jamming.

Shenzhen green hi tech’s ultra-high definition full flip cob series products adopt full flip cob packaging process and full flip Mini LED chip, representing the most cutting-edge technology in the field of mini led direct display. Nanosecond response speed, up to 3840hz refresh rate, combined with high-density integrated optical design technology and matte coating technology, eye protection and no color deviation at the same time. At the same time, it also has up to 20000:1 ultra-high contrast, high dynamic HDR technology, 115% NTSC color gamut, 18 bit gray scale and 600nit brightness, which gives the audience a stronger sense of science and technology and immersive experience. It is a rare display weapon for high-end E-sports events.

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