HD Full Color big LED display Show the Strength and Image of Hospital

In recent years, the use of IOT technology to create a “smart medical” suitable for the new era has become a general trend in the medical industry. As an important display carrier carrying science and technology, big LED display is widely used in the outdoor, outpatient hall, conference room and other corners of major hospitals across the country to help intelligent medical treatment, realize the interaction between patients and medical personnel, medical institutions and medical equipment, and gradually achieve informatization.

Outdoor large screen

Strength display window to highlight the brand image

Before entering the hospital, the gorgeous, high-definition and dynamic outdoor large screen can quickly attract the eyes of patients. The introduction of the hospital’s characteristic subjects, the attendance of authoritative experts and the hospital’s medical strength… The high-definition and gorgeous full-color large screen has become a beautiful window for the display of the hospital’s image and strength, greatly improving the hospital’s popularity and outpatient volume!

Treatment Hall

Facilitate medical treatment and improve service quality and efficiency

With the advantages of high brightness, high brush, maneuverability, seamless splicing and stable display, the big LED display perfectly meets the needs of medical information display in the outpatient hall, and displays the drug price, Department, doctor scheduling, handling process, health and safety tips in detail, so that patients are no longer confused about medical treatment, and some potential doctor-patient relations can be resolved!

Waiting area

Relieve the patient’s mood and enhance the patient’s sense of experience

It is a long and boring process for hospital patients to gather and wait for treatment. At this time, the high-definition and gorgeous LED screen plays or medical science knowledge videos, wonderful TV dramas, or light and melodious music… It can not only relieve patients’ emotions, but also increase health-related knowledge, but also double patients’ favor for the hospital!

Conference Room

Academic sharing and exchange to improve business ability

The high-definition big LED display screen is seamless and flat like a mirror, with high-definition image quality and realistic and delicate high-gray detail display. In particular, a small spacing can realize more high-definition and detailed presentation of local pictures. It is widely used in hospital conference rooms. In order to create an academic sharing and exchange platform, give full play to the ability of experts’ remote consultation and live broadcast of surgical meetings, and continuously improve the professional ability of medical personnel.

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