How long is the service life of LED video wall system

Everyone in the safety display industry knows that the primary consideration is the service life of products, whether it is LCD splicing screen or LED video wall system. Today, let’s talk about the service life of LED video wall system: generally, LED light beads can be used for a long time in theory, but based on the used light beads, driving chips, PCB plates and power supply, the service life and stability of products are determined, The barrier free operation time is generally about 10000 hours, and the service life of LED beads can theoretically reach about 100000 hours.

The second is that the lamp bead size of the product is also an important factor. The density of the lamp bead also has a certain relationship with the heat dissipation. At present, the LED is developing towards a small spacing. The spacing of the lamp bead is small and the density is relatively large. The accumulation of heat will also accelerate the aging and dead lamp of the lamp bead. Therefore, when selecting LED products, Be sure to confirm the appropriate specifications with professional personnel.

Third, the operating environment, as long as electronic products, is a great test for climate and temperature. The temperature, humidity and long-term ultraviolet radiation will affect the stability and service life of LED display,

Therefore, when designing the scheme, we suggest that customers install suitable products in a suitable environment. Natural factors such as temperature, humidity, altitude and whether there are more thunderstorms should be comprehensively considered.

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