How many meters viewing distance is the best for outdoor P8 LED digital display?

Many users will ask about the viewing distance of the LED display, because the function of the LED screen is to achieve various required display and viewing effects, so the actual installation environment and model selection must be carefully analyzed. Factors can make the designed product effect.
How to calculate the viewing distance of the P8 outdoor full-color display? How to calculate it? Actually, the visual distance of the LED digital display is not calculated in a format, but there are many factors that affect the visual environment, such as air quality, weather, and so on.
P8 full-color LED digital display viewing distance:
Minimum viewing distance: LED display visual distance = pixel pitch (mm) ×1000/1000
The most suitable viewing distance: the best viewing distance for LED digital displayy = pixel pitch (mm) × 3000/1000
According to the simple formula above, it can be concluded that the minimum viewing distance of “P8 full-color display” is 8 meters, and the effect is better, and the most suitable viewing distance is 24 meters.
In addition, when purchasing a full-color LED digital display, if the outdoor full-color LED display area is about 30 square meters and the viewing distance is 8 meters away, it is recommended to use the P8 model for better results.
Outdoor P8 full-color LED display product advantages:
1. P8 outdoor full-color LED display material to finished product, R&D to production, the whole process of controllability has become the guarantee of product quality and reliability;
2. High-precision size, the geometric shape and size design deviation between the cabinets is only 0.02 mm, so the unit cabinets are almost the same size, after assembly, the gap is uniform, the entire screen is very flat, the effect is good, and the quality is good.
3. Due to the particularity of the LED display industry, it requires that the working current of the LED lamp be changed by adjusting the power supply voltage under certain circumstances, thereby changing the brightness of the LED, so that in the energy-saving scheme design, 4.2-5V power supply, power consumption Small amount, 20% energy saving
4. Various shapes: rectangle, square, arc, circle and other custom design shapes can be made
5. Install the steel frame structure: the outdoor P8 full-color display is a lightweight steel frame, and the corresponding beams and columns are riveted with chemical riveting bolts as the supporting structure, and the display steel frame is connected with the riveted fixed steel plate
6. Outdoor P8 full-color LED display non-linear correction technology, the image effect is delicate and clear; the animation effect is vivid and diverse; the video effect is smooth, lifelike, no bright spots, no screen, no dead spots, high brightness, low light decay and long life. Good quality.
7. The outdoor P8 display system works stably and reliably, and has strong anti-interference ability. It can work continuously for more than 72 hours. The control system software interface is humanized and easy to operate.
8. Outdoor P8 full-color LED display in high-end configuration, stable performance, good flatness, seamless splicing.

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