How much is a LED display screen

How much is an advertising LED display screen? The price is often the customers are more concerned about, but when docking with manufacturers, they will ask what model and configuration of the screen body, so that the quotation will be more informative. Let’s take a look at how much is a square led color screen.

Advertising LED display screen quotation, need to figure out the purpose: indoor or outdoor, full-color led display has covered all areas, single and double color led display is almost no one chooses, so when getting the price, you need to be clear about the selected led display whether the screen is indoor or outdoor, the price is different if it is not used in the occasion. Outdoors are generally more expensive because there are many interference factors in the outdoor environment and require multiple protections: waterproof, dustproof, electric, shockproof…

In fact, it is the model. The price of the advertising LED display screen is different. The smaller the model, the higher the price. The price of the outdoor advertising LED display screen of the same model will be higher than that of the indoor. The outdoor model is recommended to be P4-P10, and as for the indoor LED display, we recommend to use P4 or smaller.

What factors affect the price of led color screens?
1. Chips: The brand of lamp beads is differentiated from mid to high end;
2, Model: From the above price, we can see that the smaller the model, the higher the price;
3. Scene: Mainly indoor and outdoor, this needs to be confirmed;
4. Area: The larger the area, the higher the project budget;

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