How much is the thickness of LED screen

LED screen is used widely all over the world in more and more occasions, some people want to try to use it but they are worried about its thickness, if it’s too thick there will be appearance issue. This article will solve your question.

1. Generally, the LED screen module is about 10 ~ 15mm. This data is for reference only. After all, the modules of different factories will be slightly different, but the difference will not be too large;

2. The above mentioned is the LED screen module. Since the main question is about the thickness of LED screen, the thickness range is a little wider.

  • (1) If use simple cabinet, the thickness of module + cabinet is about 100mm;
  • (2) As for waterproof cabinet, the thickness will be 160mm;
  • (3) Use die cast aluminum rental cabinet, the thickness may be only 80mm;

It need to be confirmed according to the practical situation;

3. In addition, it also involves whether to retain the maintenance channel, etc;

  • If it’s rear maintenance, there should be a maintenance channel behind the LED display, its thickness is 500-600mm.

4. Therefore, Green Hi-tech Co., LTD recommends you to confirm the thickness of LED display based on the actual situation, otherwise the access will be too large.

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