Indoor p1.8 Full Color LED Large Screen Resolution Algorithm and Nearest Viewing Distance

Indoor 4K LED Wall display technology also keeps improving, and the pixel spacing can be made smaller. In order to meet the market demand, small spacing indoor 4K LED Wall models are gradually introduced, which mainly refer to models with a spacing of 2mm or less, such as P2, p1.923, p1.875, p1.667, p1.56, p1.25 and other small spacing indoor 4K LED Wall models.

The number represents the distance between the light-emitting points (lamps) on the display screen, and the unit is mm. For example, P2 indicates that the distance between two adjacent groups of lamps is 2mm. The smaller the number, the smaller the distance between the lamps on the 4K LED Wall screen, the greater the density of the lamps, the higher the definition and the higher the production cost. No matter what size of 4K LED Wall screen is installed in any place, it is recommended to refer to the viewing distance for the selection of model.

Employees in the 4K LED Wall industry know that the specifications of 4K LED Wall used indoors are generally P5 and below, and those below P2 are called small spacing LED displays, such as p1.923, p1.875, p1.667, p1.56, p1.25 and other small spacing 4K LED Wall. They are typical for indoor applications, and of course, they are also one with high cost. The price of indoor 4K LED Wall depends on what kind of LED display with pixel spacing. Even if it is applied indoors, there will be many fields. For example, some rental LED displays will also be applied to indoor stage performances, but what we want to discuss here is the indoor fixed LED display. For LED rental screen, it can not be simply classified as indoor, but should be classified as indoor and outdoor universal type.

Full color LED display common models:

① Indoor small spacing LED display models: p1.25, p1.56, p1.667, p1.875, p1.923, P2.

② Indoor full-color LED display model: p2.5, P3, P4, P5, p6.

③ Outdoor full-color LED display model: p2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10.

④ Models of removable mobile rental LED display: p2.976, p3.91, p4.81.

LED displays are mainly used in shopping centers, banks, enterprises and institutions, stadiums, competition venues, exhibition halls, exhibition halls, ticket halls, reception halls, multi-function rooms, hotels, banquet halls, conference rooms, shopping malls, schools, auditoriums, airports, stations, securities centers, command and monitoring centers, exhibition halls, large entertainment squares, wedding LED displays Performance LED display, etc.

How many meters away is p1.8led full-color display suitable for viewing? How to calculate?

In fact, the visual distance of p1.8 small spacing LED display screen is not calculated in format, but the visual environment is affected by many factors, such as air quality, weather and so on.

Selecting LED displays with different spacing according to the viewing distance can not only better control the brightness, but also save the budget and avoid unnecessary waste.

Viewing distance of LED display:

Minimum viewing distance: visual distance of LED display = pixel spacing (mm) × 1000/1000

Appropriate viewing distance: viewing distance of LED display = pixel spacing (mm) × 3000/1000

How many meters is the distance between p1.8 LED display? According to the above simple formula, it can be concluded that the distance between p1.8 full-color LED display is 1.8 meters and the appropriate viewing distance is 6 meters.

P1.8 performance characteristics of ultra clear LED large screen

Strong structure

P1.8 full color LED display box is 84mm thick and 10kg heavy.

The box has four corner locating pins,

The iron casting four corners are designed with inner beveled edge hollowing out,

Strong stress bearing capacity,

It can stack 15 boxes to more than 5m.

Golden ratio display area

P1.8led display box can achieve standard resolution,

It’s no problem to reach the golden ratio of 16:9,

P1.8 full color LED display can be easily spliced into 2K (1920 * 1080)

4K (3840 * 2160), 8K (7680 * 4320) and other standard resolutions,

Easily create a vision suitable for human eyes.

Good heat dissipation

The indoor p1.8 display adopts imported led wick,

Low energy consumption, less heating and long service life.

No mute, no fan design,

P1.8 the full-color display operates without noise, and the heat dissipation hole of the rear cover.

Front maintenance design

P1.8led display screen can be selected for front and rear maintenance, which is convenient and fast,

It only takes 4 steps and 10 seconds to replace a module.

Thanks to Pengsheng’s design,

Indoor p1.8 full color LED display requires no tools, and the module can be easily removed.

Low brightness and high ash technology

P1.8 low brightness and high gray technology of full-color display,

Even in very low brightness environments,

The picture is still delicate and bright.

And single point correction technology,

P1.8 the display screen can restore the natural color to avoid visual fatigue.

P1.86/p1.875 belong to the conventional small spacing model, which is suitable for closer viewing. The whole screen has no obvious seam. The LED display belongs to the self luminous principle, so it is outstanding in color expression, with higher color restoration and authenticity. It can realize the customization of large screen size, shape and function.

When it comes to large display screens and LED screens, many people compare LCD splicing screens for the first time, including many of our customers when they first consult us, they will also have such questions, “what are the advantages of your LED screens compared with LCD splicing screens”?,

In fact, there are mainly the following differences: 1. Seamless splicing. The traditional LCD splicing and DLP have obvious splicing seams, and the LED display is a complete and undivided picture no matter how large the splicing area is. 2. Ultra thin installation, LED display can be directly assembled with small unit modules, and the thickness of the whole screen can be controlled within 10 cm. 3. Flexible production, another feature of LED display screen is diversified production. For example, if you have a wall and want to use LED display screen to fill the wall, if it is other splicing large screen products, it will be limited by its size and other aspects, and the unit specification of LED screen is small, which is not limited by comparison.

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