In the fast development of city, Large LED Screen industry is developing by leaps and bounds

In 2021, promoting the construction of new smart cities is still the top priority in the urban development strategy. Accelerating the development of Digital China is the first step in establishing information network management. China has made phased progress in the construction of smart cities. It is inseparable to popularize the advantages of smart city development and promote the Urbanization process, A good development form is the foundation for the smart city to go into various regions of our country, and also the embodiment of the people’s life richness and spirit.

The construction of smart city has been carried out for many years in China, but the public’s more concrete and comprehensive perception of urban intelligence is due to the great value and convenience brought by digital technology to health and epidemic prevention in recent two years. Smart city has given more beauty and convenience to the application of remote diagnosis, government smart government, enterprise remote conference and online course. It can not only bring people a good sense of experience and meet people’s needs in life and work, but also have constructive significance for the development of science and technology in China. The development of cities from digital to comprehensive wisdom is an inevitable trend of urban development in the future, and also a new way of modern city development.

LED display plays an important role in the construction and development of smart city. As an important display platform of digitization, visualization and intelligence, LED display plays an indispensable role in urban development. For example, as one of the representative products and display platforms of smart city, a high-definition LED large screen of 100 square meters is installed in the management service command center of Shenzhen municipal government, The special information of the city economic operation, ecological environment, government service and urban governance are displayed. In this intelligent city operation and command center which can be seen, used, thought and linked, 82 systems have been connected to the city, 100 types of business data of various departments and 380000 video data have been collected, and more than 200 primary indicators of urban vital signs monitoring have been constructed. It is reported that more than 20million data are exchanged and shared in the government affairs big data center in Shenzhen every day. Simplifying the government work also brings great convenience to the development and implementation of the government work. LED display screen exists in our life and work, which has been from the original simple front propaganda to the practical application tools today. Whether it is the transportation hub, hospital outpatient service, school multimedia classroom, bar entertainment place, or commercial street large screen advertising, military command, bank and stock market, LED display screen is all in the figure. The market and demand are expanding constantly, and occupy a certain position in the field of special display equipment, LED display has been developed in various fields and plays a maximum role.

In recent two years, the naked eye 3D LED display has been frequently seen in the public view, attracting people’s attention with shocking and realistic picture effects. With the development of science and technology and the maturity of technology, the display effect of LED display has become more and more diversified, and the two-dimensional plane display can not meet the growing needs of people, The application of 3D display technology in LED display has become a hot spot and direction of LED display in recent years. LED display also shows the other side of the city’s style in commercial publicity. The display and dot display of LED display screen add urban color, and also inject fashionable elements into different industries.

With the hot of short video and live broadcasting industry, “net red” appeared in people’s lives. At first, the word was mainly used to describe people who burst red on the Internet. Later, the words “net red card printing”, “net red milk tea”, “net red snacks” and other words were gradually appeared. The figure of Large LED Screen appeared in the video of “network red card punching place”, It adds different colors to the development of the city.

The rapid development of the Internet can spread information rapidly. LED display screen, as one of the most popular propaganda methods at present, will become a popular punch point quickly with the combination of landmark buildings or streets. It can be obtained and spread rapidly, whether on social platforms or video networks, which is conducive to the development of Internet and modern information technology

In the process of economic globalization, Large LED Screen has been closely linked with the development of cities in different stages of development in China. Whether it is the data management of cities or the current popular punch points, LED display displays constantly display their own characteristics and product advantages in the development process, and make use of the characteristics of products, In the process of urbanization, the infrastructure is improved, and the combination of the city landmark building strength and strength adds strong color to the beautification of the city, and also is the leap forward development of LED display screen to create a new type of city.

From the rising trend of raw materials this year, the development of Large LED Screen in China needs to go through a relatively difficult period. Independent R & D and not relying on import are the key to realize the development of Large LED Screen in China. Therefore, innovation and technology are the eternal theme. In order to get better development, we must have complete independent property rights, It is the key to sustainable development to hold the initiative in hand.

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