Fine pitch LED Display Wall, leading a new era of intelligent conference display

The modern enterprise conference room, especially the video conference room of large enterprises, not only undertakes the internal functions such as meeting, staff training, but also undertakes the external communication functions such as customer reception and business negotiation. Its design style directly affects the enterprise image. It is also the pursuit of this ultimate, fine pitch led display screens favored, has become the first choice of major enterprise conference system display terminal.

Fine pitch LED Display Wall, just by virtue of its ultra-thin and ultra light, limited by fine pitch, easy installation and maintenance and other characteristics, stands out in many similar products

Excellent display effect
Compared with the traditional projection or even LCD screen, the fine pitch led billboard display has incomparable excellent display effect, longer viewing distance, clearer picture, close to 180 ° Super wide vision, in terms of visual breadth, let every corner of the conference hall be the central perspective. The product also has anti glare design, soft light, long time viewing without fatigue, which can bring better viewing experience for enterprise users.

Fashionable and slim appearance
The fine pitch LED Display Wall is designed by ultra thin technology. The whole screen is installed on the wall, and the simple lines bring the unique aesthetic feeling of modern science and technology to the conference hall.

Simple operation and maintenance
Through the combination of software and hardware, the asynchronous operation can be realized by separating from the traditional signal connector transmission mode

Under the concept of Internet of things and smart city demand, and with the help of artificial intelligence, 5g and 8K technology, large size is bound to be the core product of the future conference market.

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