LED has become the mainstream technology of Large LED Wall equipment

Large LED Wall is more and more widely used in life, and large screen display technology is also improved. At present, LCD display is highly valued for its excellent display effect, but the splicing technology in large screen display has not yet reached the seamless level. Led small spacing has successfully made up for this shortcoming, and has risen successfully. In the mature period of LCD large screen seamless splicing technology, LED display has sprung up and occupied the large screen display market.

Solution to the technical problems of Large LED Wall

First, high light efficiency: the light efficiency of LED display can be said to be an important indicator of energy-saving effect. At present, China’s light efficiency needs to be strengthened. To really achieve high light efficiency, we need to solve relevant technical problems from all aspects of the industrial chain, so how to achieve high light efficiency? This paper will focus on the technical issues of epitaxy, chip, packaging, lighting and so on.

1. Improve the efficiency of internal quantum and external quantum.

2. Improve packaging efficiency and reduce junction temperature.

3. Improve lighting efficiency.

Secondly, from the perspective of high color rendering, Large LED Wall has a lot of light and color quality, including color temperature, color rendering, light and color fidelity, light and color naturalness, tone recognition, visual comfort, etc. Here, we only discuss how to solve the problems of color temperature and color rendering. The light source of high color rendering LED display will lose a lot of light efficiency, so these two factors must be considered in the design. Of course, in order to improve the color rendering, we must consider the combination of RGB three primary colors.

In terms of reducing the cost of products: at present, many consumers feel that the price is too high when they buy Large LED Wall, so they have taken corresponding measures for many LED display screen manufacturers. In order to reduce the cost, in addition to mass production, they also mainly take technical measures to reduce the cost. Mainly in the extension of chip, packaging, driving, cooling and other aspects to reduce costs, thus fundamentally solving the cost problem of LED display products. Especially from the following four aspects:

1. Extending the chip to reduce the cost.

2. Methods to reduce the cost in the packaging process.

3. Methods to reduce the cost of lamps.

4. Reduce other supporting costs.

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