Maintenance method of outdoor Wall Display LED

With the continuous development of LED industry, LED display screen gradually enters our life and is more and more used in finance, industry and commerce, posts and telecommunications, sports, advertising, industrial and mining enterprises, transportation, education system, stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, securities markets, construction markets and auction houses.

Wall display LED is divided into graphic display screen and video display screen, both of which are composed of LED matrix blocks. The graphic display screen can display Chinese characters, English text and picture blocks synchronously with the computer. The graphic display screen can display Chinese characters synchronously with the computer. English text and pictures can be synchronized in real time. Synchronization. Clear information transmission mode plays all kinds of information and can display two-dimensional. three-dimensional animation. Video. Television. VCD program and live situation. Learning led display screen has bright colors and strong three-dimensional sense. It is as static as oil painting and as dynamic as film. Advertising display screen has bright colors and strong three-dimensional sense. It is as static as oil painting and as dynamic as film. You can also change the content on LED display screen at will to make life more suitable.

There are complex problems in the outdoor use of wall display LED, such as use environment, installation conditions, operation time and so on. In the process of use, we should not only pay attention to the use skills, but also regularly maintain the display screen to ensure the quality and service life of LED display screen. Here, Shenzhen Green Hi-tech Co., LTD will discuss with you how to better use and maintain the outdoor environment of LED display:

1. Pay attention to the humidity of the environment around the wall display LED and do not let water containing items enter the outdoor LED advertising board. If the wet outdoor LED billboard is powered on, the internal components of the outdoor LED billboard will be corroded by water vapor, causing irreparable damage to the outdoor LED billboard.

2. Try to avoid possible situations. Things that pose a threat to outdoor LED billboards should not be close to the screen. When cleaning the screen, you should also scrub it gently to minimize the probability of damage.

3. The screen has the most contact with customers, and routine maintenance is also necessary. Regular dust removal and screen cleaning can improve the display effect of LED advertising screen and increase its influence.

4. The power supply of the screen shall also be stable, and the grounding protection shall be done well. In case of bad weather, strong wind, rainstorm and thunder, the screen should be turned off and no longer used.

5. The screen shall be closed to prevent water and other conductive metal items. Outdoor LED billboards shall be placed in an environment with good air circulation and less dust. Large particle dust will not only weaken the display effect, but also damage the circuit of LED advertising screen.

6. Correct switching sequence of outdoor LED billboard: A: first turn on the screen control equipment, and then run the screen control software. After stable operation, turn on the LED advertising screen. B: Turn off the screen first, and then turn off the computer.

7. Outdoor LED billboards shall not work for more than two hours. In wet and cold seasons, outdoor LED billboards should be operated at least once every seven days. It is recommended to open the outdoor LED billboard more than once a month, and the lighting time must exceed 2 hours.

8. Regularly check outdoor LED billboards. If any improper problems are found, they shall be reported and replaced in time.

9. When showing the picture, try not to keep the outdoor LED billboard in the full-color and bright picture for a long time, which will lead to excessive current in the bottle, easy overheating of the coil, damage the wick and shorten the service life of the display screen.

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