Purchasing skills and protection of outdoor LED display screen

Outdoor LED display screen on busy streets can easily attract the attention of many passers-by. After all, from the perspective of perception, LED display have stronger visual impact than other forms of outdoor advertising. Let us share some purchasing skills of LED display with you. You will also find the knowledge about protection of LED display.

 Purchasing skills of Outdoor LED display screen

1. The filling factor should be high

The filling factor of LED display screen is also called the bright area ratio, which is the ratio of the luminous area of each pixel to the physical surface area of the pixel. If the light source is limited to a small pixel surface area, it will cause a serious glare.

2. According to distance

We all know that P represents the pixel distance, and the value after P mainly refers to the distance between the led lamps, which is usually called the pixel pitch in the LED industry. The smaller the value of this pixel pitch, the higher the unit pixel, the clearer the display screen, and the more suitable for close viewing. Therefore, for the LED outdoor display screen, if it is relatively close, it is recommended to use the display screen between p2.5 and p8, or p10 if it is farther away, and p10 if it is farther away.

3. Good service environment

During the service life of the product, the failure rate is low only under appropriate working conditions. LED display is mainly composed of control board equipped with electronic components, switching power supply, light-emitting devices, etc., and the service life and stability of all these components are closely related to the working temperature.

Outdoor LED display screen protection matters

1. Storm prevention

In the outdoor use environment, the outdoor LED display shall reach IP65 level, the module shall be sealed with glue, the waterproof box shall be selected, and the module and the box shall be connected with waterproof rubber ring.

2. High temperature protection

In production, ensure that the display circuit board is in good condition, and try to select the air permeable design in the shell design to help heat dissipation. During installation, keep the environment where the display screen is located well ventilated according to the installation situation. If necessary, add heat dissipation equipment to the display screen, such as adding an air conditioner or fan to help the display screen heat dissipation.

3. Typhoon prevention

There are many kinds of installation positions and installation methods of outdoor LED advertising screens. There are wall type, inlaid type, column type, hanging type, etc. So in the typhoon season. In order to keep the LED advertising screen equipment from falling, there are strict requirements for the load-bearing steel frame structure of the display screen.

3、 The reason of outdoor LED display screen light decay

1. The higher the operating temperature, the faster the process. This is another main reason for the attenuation of LED display lamps.

2. The defects in LED display chip materials will proliferate and reproduce rapidly at high temperature until they invade the lighting area and form a large number of non radiation composite centers, which seriously reduces the luminous efficiency of LED display.

3. The light attenuation of phosphor is also the main factor affecting the light attenuation of LED display, because the attenuation of phosphor at high temperature is very serious.

Well, I’ve finished the introduction about the purchasing skills of LED large screen billboards, the protection of outdoor LED advertising screens, and the causes of LED display light failure. Thank you for your attention.

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