Requirements of LED Wall 4K Control Computer

First let’s distinguish the use environment. Generally, the purchase of control computers is basically based on two major requirements: commercial computers and industrial computers. Whether the home computer can be used or not? It still can be used, but commercial computers and industrial computers pursue high stability, and their adaptability is stronger than that of home computers under the same conditions. The average trouble free working hours of commercial computers and industrial computers are more than 5000 hours, and some are more than 20000 hours. Home computers are generally used in the home environment, the continuous use time will not be very long, and the working environment is much better than commercial computers, so the stability of home computers working for a long time does not have to be as demanding as commercial computers.

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So when do we use commercial computers and industrial computers? As we all know, LED Wall 4K screen is classified according to the environment, which is mainly divided into indoor display screen and outdoor display screen. If most display screens can be placed in a better environment, such as where there is a control room, we can rest assured to use commercial computers. In a harsh environment, such as the interior of a column billboard, industrial computers must be used. Industrial computers are industrial control computers specially used by the industrial sector. Their basic performance and compatibility are almost the same as those of commercial computers. However, industrial computers pay more attention to their stability in different environments. They may have the characteristics of firmness, shockproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, high temperature resistance, multi slot and easy expansion. It is the best platform for various industrial control, traffic control, environmental protection control and other applications in the field of automation. They all provide the best solution for man-machine interface and workflow control.

Like other conventional industrial equipment, LED Wall 4K has low requirements for the basic hardware configuration of control computer. For the LED screen that needs to play video, in addition to the graphics card, other hardware configurations can be configured through the low-end line, because today’s computer technology level has fully reached the required range of LED Wall 4K. It should be noted that the control host has requirements for the graphics card, and the graphics card must be configured with an independent dual output graphics card. The purpose of dual output is to use two output terminals, one output to the display for monitoring operation, and the other output is to use the video signal of the graphics card to the LED display, that is, to use the LED display as a display, which is what we often say in the industry. In this way, the computer display (monitor) and LED display become a pixel point-to-point, one-to-one correspondence.

The video memory selection of the graphics card is configured according to the density of the LED Wall 4K screen, because the greater the density, the greater the amount of data per frame of the video. Configuring a slightly lower graphics card will cause the led to jam when playing the video. Generally, we classify it according to the resolution of LED display:

32M video memory is used for LED display below 640 * 480

64M video memory is used for LED display below 800 * 600

128M video memory is used for LED display below 1024 * 768

256M video memory is used for LED display below 1280 * 1024

The LED display below 1920 * 1080 (2k) uses 512M video memory

The resolution of LED display below 4K uses 1g video memory

The configuration of the graphics card is based on the above resolution, and so on. Maybe the graphics card with less than 128M memory is difficult to buy now. We can use the graphics card with 128M memory instead of direct use. The independent graphics cards currently used are PCI-E interfaces, which are purchased separately from the host, that is, they are added with additional configurations. Often, when placing an order, the LED salesperson easily forgets to remind the customer of the problem or misses the configuration.

The monitor is recommended to be configured with a higher resolution than the LED display, and most of the specifications are 17 inch to 21 inch monitors. At 1920 * 1080 resolution, the minimum specification is a 21.5-inch display.

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