The display content complementary to big LED Screen may become another market in the near future

This years, large manufacturers have made great efforts in mini / micro LED technology, and the industry screen enterprises have gradually arranged intelligent display. The intelligent all-in-one machine equipped with software has become the focus of the industry. At the audio-visual exhibition, screen enterprises launched their own new products and various scene display solutions, including providing one-stop audio-visual solution services for scenes such as data center, smart center and conference room. At the same time, recently, display technologies such as outdoor large screen naked eye 3D and VR / XR virtual studio have also attracted much attention in the industry. These display technologies are different from traditional plane display. They are still equipped with big LED Screen, but pay more attention to the playing content. Viewers will first be attracted by the content presented by these large screens, and then they will think that the original big LED Screen can also achieve this level of content presentation. However, with the passage of time, some problems are gradually becoming prominent. At the moment of the continuous leap of display technology, the production of big LED Screen video content seems to have been in a passive and backward stage.

Demand is growing under prosperity

This year, the popularity of mini / micro technology has not decreased, and the 3D naked eye large screen has also returned to the audience’s field of vision in recent years. In addition, with the rise of virtual display technology and the concept of meta universe, the display screen industry is still prosperous despite the impact of raw material prices. This year is also the first year of the 14th five year plan. Under the policy dividend, all industries have been greatly developed. As a display terminal product, big LED Screen has always had in-depth cooperation with some industries. The policy dividends of these industries have also brought huge blue ocean market to big LED Screen enterprises.

With the progress of technology, the market competitiveness of big LED Screen to seize the display market is further strengthened, but another problem also appears. The content of large display screen is not enough. I wonder if you find that the 3D naked eye large screen on the street is shocking and attracts the attention of countless tourists. However, the large screen shows repeated content back and forth. No matter how much shock effect, it will be erased by repeated video content.

The scene in the immersive experience hall, which has a novel business form, really makes people think that they have mistakenly entered another space, but only a few pictures rotate back and forth. Some science and technology pavilions attract the attention of tourists by virtue of the pictures such as color flow and collision played on the large screen. There are few new supporting video content outputs about such special display products in the industry, with long video update cycle and average quality. The recent integration of virtual display technology and LED display has promoted the progress in the subdivided fields of big LED Screen industry, and the demand for such high-quality video content is also expanding.

Immature industrial chain and new opportunity Market

At present, there are two main sources of LED display video content in the market. One is the project contractor, and the LED display manufacturer contracts to produce video content. One is a professional video content production team to output video content required by customers.

Take the naked eye 3d led large screen, which is now hot again, for example. Let’s talk about the technical supply required for naked eye 3D effect presentation.

First, in terms of hardware, the picture content played by the naked eye 3d led display has a strong visual impact. To achieve such an impressive effect, the display should pay more attention to high refresh, high gray scale, high dynamic contrast and smooth transition of surface / corner. In addition, in order to realize the normal playback of the picture on the large screen, it also needs the support of a hardware facility, that is, the playback server. The playback server needs to be connected to a professional graphics workstation and configured with multi graphics card frame synchronization card to complete the perfect transfer of the picture from the computer to the large screen.

After that, let’s talk about the software requirements. In order to realize the naked eye 3D effect on the large screen with radian, a more professional decoder is required, and the decoder must be able to support the material mapping and correction function of the special-shaped display carrier, and support the low-level optimization of high bitstream decoding.

With the continuous development of technology, at present, the hardware and software of LED display technology can realize the playback of 3D video source, but the playback material can not be supplied freely.

The first is the single playing material. Some content materials only highlight the shock of 3D effect, or meet the advertising needs of customers.

The main reason for the lack of resources for these specific pictures is that these contents are too difficult to produce, the cycle is long, and there are few teams specializing in the production of such contents in the market. For the production of 3D naked eye video material, the main viewing angle needs to be selected from the audience’s perspective. At the same time, the three-dimensional structure is made according to the perspective relationship of the display shape of the on-site LED display screen, and the video content is customized point-to-point according to the resolution to ensure the video display effect. This is a fine project, which can also be said to take into account the dual cooperation of art and science and technology.

Such video works with both cultural connotation and high-tech content require professional video modelers and content selectors in the team. However, at present, this kind of market has not developed, or the market in the subdivided field of differentiated screen is still in the development stage. It is noted that the number of people in this market is still small. At present, the production of such video content in the market is still dominated by dazzling technology. There is no lack of sense of science fiction and future. The screen shape is also gorgeous and changeable, but the display content integrating urban style and cultural connotation is still very scarce.

This is still under the condition that the curvature and shape of the screen are not exaggerated enough with the naked eye 3D LED display screen as the carrier. Some special-shaped screens, such as spherical screen and conical screen, are deformed into more unrestrained screens. The video content required by these screens is more scarce. Sometimes there is only one set of video source for repeated playback.

It has to be said that this situation is unavoidable at present. The progress of LED display technology catalyzes the birth of this phenomenon from another point of view. The progress of science and technology has greatly improved the production level of video materials, and also led to the artistry of the structural modeling of LED display screen, which makes the LED screen no longer limited to the traditional flat screen and has more imagination space, which further catalyzes the demand for video content in the LED industry. People who have seen future sci-fi films can contact the relationship between the holographic world and the game warehouse or game helmets / glasses. Without the game warehouse, the holographic world cannot be loaded, and the construction of the holographic world and its connection with the composition of the game warehouse are a necessary premise. The two complement each other and are indispensable.

With the upgrading of LED display technology, the demand for high-quality video content will also increase. In order to further upgrade the display technology, the demand of screen enterprises for such display content will also increase. There is a concept in high school political economics that is very consistent with the relationship between the two: the two commodities can not replace each other and need each other, and the two commodities need to be combined to play a role. The two commodities are complementary to each other. The most essential function of big LED Screen is display function, and the demand for various display contents is the essential requirement of products, especially the display products whose main function is display function, such as 3D naked eye large screen, special-shaped screen, immersive experience hall, visual exhibition hall, etc. With the rise of night travel economy and cultural tourism industry, high-quality LED video content production may become the next market that needs attention and exploration of LED industry.

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