The price of LED Billboard Advertising has increased again! Starting in June

Due to the rising price of raw materials and the shortage of panel supply, it is an indisputable fact that the price of terminal LED display screen is rising.
Since the beginning of the year, the upstream raw material manufacturers of LED display industry have successively issued price increase notices, which has led to the rising procurement cost of LED raw materials. With the approaching of the middle of the year, the trend of price increase has not stopped. On the contrary, with the changes in the form of international trade becoming more and more intense, the wildfire of price increase finally burned down the downstream enterprises of the terminal.
It is reported that the major foundries UMC, World Advanced, Power Semiconductor Manufacturing, SMIC, and GF will all plan to increase their foundry quotations again to cope with the continued tight production capacity…not yet in 2021 More than half, the price increase of raw materials led by driver ICs has not weakened at all, so that some factories cannot even guarantee order demand, and China’s LED Billboard Advertising industry may fall into a “periodical shortage of goods.”
Facing this situation, how will LED Billboard Advertising companies break the situation? Generally speaking, external factors are difficult to grasp. The only thing that can be grasped is their own management decision-making power:

First of all, for LED Billboard Advertising companies, especially powerful and responsible leading companies, they cannot watch upstream suppliers fall into the quagmire of losses. They must take the initiative to make profit and raise prices to help suppliers overcome difficulties together;
Secondly, all enterprises in the industry chain must promote the optimization of product structure for users, completely abandon low-price chaos, and win more profit margins with high-value-added products and services.

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