Usage of 4K LED Screen

Previously, it was mainly used in commercial fields: shopping malls, supermarkets, banks and hotels; Now it is gradually developing to the industrial field and the family field; Typical examples are the combined use of PLC and LED display and household LED TV and lighting;

Of course, some advertising screens are very conspicuous, attractive and not easy to break. They are a very good choice for those who want to advertise.

With the development of science and technology, 4K LED Screen, with its unique advantages, is widely used in various places such as entertainment and sports, financial securities, transportation stations, organs and enterprises, and has become the most common display media for information dissemination, news release and advertising.

4K LED Screen is the basic carrier of various information transmission, which undertakes the task of real-time information release of news, news, culture and commerce. Deliver to the public at the first time with a striking display effect. At this time, LED display can give full play to its superior video function and color performance, and beautify the environment and improve environmental facilities.

1. The following contents can be played through the electronic display screen located in the prominent positions of government agencies, enterprises and institutions: ① location distribution map and operation procedures of various functional departments of government agencies, enterprises and institutions;

② The work flow, materials to be submitted and charging standards for the public to apply for various procedures from various functional departments;

2. Relevant government laws, regulations, rules and basic knowledge can be played through the display screen.

3. Through the display screen, you can play the welcome words of superior leaders and various VIPs for visit and guidance, and the celebration words of various major festivals

The LED display has a wide range of uses and can be used as an outdoor LED display broadcast. In short, it is a large TV set that can put whatever you want,

LED display is divided into full-color outdoor LED display, full-color indoor LED display, special-shaped LED display, spherical LED display and floor tile LED display. Etc.

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