What is 3D giant LED screen

3D stereoscopic display is to receive different pictures from the left and right of the human eye, and then the brain superimposes and regenerates the image information to form an image with stereoscopic effects such as front back, up down, left right and far near.

There are two main types of 3D giant LED screen on the market: 1. Active shutter type and 2. Polarization non flashing type.

  1. Shutter 3D is an active 3D giant LED screen system. By improving the refresh rate of the picture, the image is divided into two frames to form two groups of pictures corresponding to the left eye and the right eye, which are displayed continuously and alternately. At the same time, the infrared signal transmitter will synchronize the left and right lenses of the electronic shutter 3D glasses, so that the left and right eyes can see the corresponding picture at a certain time.
  2. Polarization 3dled decomposes the original image based on the principle that light has “vibration direction”. By adding a polarizing layer on the display screen, it can deliver two pictures with different polarization directions (two groups of pictures of vertically polarized light and horizontally polarized light) to the viewer. When the picture passes through polarizing glasses, Because each lens of polarized glasses can only accept pictures in one polarization direction, people’s left and right eyes can receive two groups of pictures, and then synthesize three-dimensional images through the brain. Main features: glasses are low-cost, lightweight, no “3D vertigo syndrome”, suitable for viewing for a long time and more people.

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