What is The Viewing Angle and Brightness of LED Wall Display Screen?

The viewing angle of LED Wall Display Screen shall be determined according to the selected LED lamp beads

led video wall screen

Such as indoor surface lamp:

SMD0603 / 0805: H: 160 degrees V: 120 degrees

SMD3528 viewing angle: H: 140 degrees V: 120 degrees

Outdoor DIP: DIP346 / 546: H: 110 degrees V: 50 degrees

Wavelength range of each LED:

Red: 625-630nm

Yellow green: 568-572nm

Pure green: 520-530nm

Blue: 460-470nm

Yellow: 585-590nm

General brightness requirements are as follows:

(1) Indoor: > 800cd / m2

(2) Semi indoor: > 2000cd / m2

(3) Outdoor (south facing north): > 4000cd / m2

(4) Outdoor (north facing south): > 8000CD / m2

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