Which pixel pitch to use in indoor LED Advertising Screen?

About the indoor LED display, only when choose a right model, the price will have more reference, so first choose the model and then ask the price. For those who don’t know about LED display products, how to select the type? How many LED screens do you usually use?

there are many models of LED display screen used indoors. Although it is generally said that the LED small spacing is used indoors, it is aimed at the occasions for closer viewing, such as shopping malls and exhibition halls. Although they are also used indoors, it is not necessary to worry about whether to use the LED small spacing when choosing the model. The indoor LED screen selection is recommended as follows:

large indoor concerts: the viewing distance is not very close for this type of occasions. It is recommended to choose models P4 and P5. First, the brightness can keep up with the demand; second, the price is relatively cheap, which can reduce the cost, and the display effect is good. There is no grainy feeling when watching from 4-5 meters away. Of course, P6 model can also be selected. The specific selection depends on the viewing distance, So this type of indoor LED Advertising Screen can choose large model, rather than small spacing. Although p4-5-6 is used more outdoors, it is not always used outdoors.

shopping malls, exhibition halls and cinemas: in this type of application, the viewing distance is relatively close, but users will not pay much attention to the display content during the viewing process, so they can choose P3 or p2.5, which are also common in this type of application;

for large display screens such as conference room, data center, control room, etc., it is recommended to use LED small room below P2, but the specific model should be determined according to the budget and display requirements. 1.25 (COB and SMD) is commonly used in this type of occasions.

in a word, about the indoor LED Advertising Screen generally use p number, this problem can be calculated according to the use environment and viewing distance, we can get the model selection. In addition, the use of LED display has covered all fields, but also because of the wide range of use. In recent years, the LED display has developed very rapidly, making the price more and more people-friendly. In addition, various shapes and various display forms, I believe that the future LED Advertising Screen will bring more surprises.

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