3D stereoscopic display is to receive different pictures from the left and right of the human eye, and then the brain superimposes and regenerates the image information to form an image with stereoscopic effects such as front back, up down, left right and far near. There are two main types of 3D giant LED screen on the market

With the rapid development of LED screen wall industry, LED screen wall can be seen everywhere. It has developed more mature in traditional application industries such as outdoor advertising and stage leasing. In order to open a new blue ocean market and broaden the application scope of LED display

LED screen is used widely all over the world in more and more occasions, some people want to try to use it but they are worried about its thickness, if it’s too thick there will be appearance issue. This article will solve your question.
1. Generally, the LED screen module is about 10 ~ 15mm. This data is for reference only.

Which is better, LCD transparent splicing screen or RGB LED screen? This is a problem that many customers are considering. For today’s indoor large screen display products, such as conference rooms, business halls, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc.

1. Influence of LED lamp performance

LED lamp is not only the key of RGB LED display, but also the component related to service life. For LED lamp , the main indicators are the following: attenuation characteristics, waterproof vapor permeability characteristics and UV resistance.