With the start of 5G, the LED industry is ushering in a new era. Although 5G technology has become a very hot word in recent years. As the name suggests, 5G is the full name of the fifth-generation mobile phone mobile communication standard, and also called the fifth-generation mobile communication technology.

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Pantallas LED screen appears in various occasions, such as playground, shopping mall, stage, indoor and outdoor. What are the requirements for the installation of LED display screen in so many occasions? What are the different installation methods?
First of all, there are many installation methods of Pantallas LED screen. There are corresponding installation methods in different environments and different occasions.

Outdoor LED display lamp beads and chip quality. When purchasing these devices, we should see clearly that the lamp bead products must have the characteristics of good stability, small dispersion, small attenuation range and strong pressure resistance. In addition, they have good light distribution effect and adapt to many external outdoor conditions

In the past, electronic teaching was mainly based on projection. The teaching courseware of pulling curtains, turning off lights and white words on a black background became the main means for teachers to deal with the poor light environment.

Nowadays, in the spacious and bright classroom, the traditional projector is replaced by indoor LED video wall