The LED display control card is responsible for receiving the picture display information from the computer serial port, putting it into the frame memory, and generating the serial display data and scanning control timing required by the LED display according to the partition drive mode. LED Display Control System, also known as LED display controller, LED display control card.

In 2020, the global LED display market will be affected by the epidemic, and the overall output value will only reach 5.53 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 12.8%. The decline in demand in Europe and the United States is the most obvious. In 2021, as the overall demand recovers and the upstream component prices increase due to shortages, LED display video wall manufacturers will also increase the prices of their products accordingly.

The repeated epidemics interrupted the normal operation of the industry.
The two industry exhibitions that were originally planned to be held in February of the year were forced to postpone them until April and May this year. Industry exhibitions have always been an important platform for enterprises to expand their markets.

Many users will ask about the viewing distance of the LED display, because the function of the LED screen is to achieve various required display and viewing effects, so the actual installation environment and model selection must be carefully analyzed. Factors can make the designed product effect.

The quality inspection report of LED Digital Display Board can comprehensively and objectively reflect the quality information of the product, which is generally completed by the third-party inspection organization independent of the supplier and the demander (the organization must have CNAs and CMA qualification certificates).

How much is a LED color screen? The price is often the customers are more concerned about, but when docking with manufacturers, they will ask what model and configuration of the screen body, so that the quotation will be more informative. Let’s take a look at how much is a square led color screen.

With the continuous decline in cost, LED displays have stepped out of the professional display field, emerged in the commercial display field, and rose rapidly. Powerful Jucai shines brightly in the field of commercial display, especially in the field of smart retail, creating mature LED display solutions for many well-known brands, retail chains, and supermarkets around the world, creating a new retail experience.

Due to the rising price of raw materials and the shortage of panel supply, it is an indisputable fact that the price of terminal LED display screen is rising.
Since the beginning of the year, the upstream raw material manufacturers of LED display industry have successively issued price increase notices, which has led to the rising procurement cost of LED raw materials. With the approaching of the middle of the year, the trend of price increase has not stopped. On the contrary, with the changes in the form of international trade becoming more and more intense, the wildfire of price increase finally burned down the downstream enterprises of the terminal.

About the indoor LED display, only when choose a right model, the price will have more reference, so first choose the model and then ask the price. For those who don’t know about LED display products, how to select the type? How many LED screens do you usually use?

LED display screen is more and more widely used in life, and large screen display technology is also improved. At present, LCD display is highly valued for its excellent display effect, but the splicing technology in large screen display has not yet reached the seamless level. Led small spacing has successfully made up for this shortcoming, and has risen successfully. In the mature period of LCD large screen seamless splicing technology, LED display has sprung up and occupied the large screen display market.